Difficult Life Transitions

Chau @flickr

I have a particular interest in difficult life transitions because I am well aware that this is an area where we can easily get stuck.  Transitions may come upon us suddenly and unexpectedly–such as with a death in the family or the sudden loss of a job.  Or these may even be transitions that we may have planned for, such as moving to a different city or starting a new career–but we find that the transition is much more difficult than expected.

I have been through many such transitions in my life and have also counseled others about such transitions.  In many cases, we might mourn or struggle to come to terms with an important aspect of life that is forever changed.  We might feel lost in the new situation we’re facing. Maybe other people in our lives are criticizing us or judging us for the choices we’ve made, or are trying to pull us back to life circumstances that we left behind for good reasons. Many times, this period of limbo may involve some real financial, physical, or emotional insecurities. There may even be trauma involved. The stress of the situation may make it hard to think clearly about where to go next.

All too often, we deal with these feelings alone. I offer a place where you can talk through all feelings that come up with your transitions and ask you questions that may help you find areas you need to work on. I work to help you let go of unproductive self-judgment that may be hindering your progress. I can also help you develop a road map to get where you need to go with your transition, and check in with you to review how you are doing, what roadblocks you may be encountering, or whether we may need to change course.