Hmm…Therapy is now Therapy 4 The People

As you can see from looking at this website, Hmm…Therapy has now been renamed Therapy 4 The People.The new name better represents my values and what I hope to achieve as a therapist.

The values reflected in this name change are as follows:

Accessibility: Access to quality mental health care is a major problem in our society. Many health plans put severe restrictions on the availability of mental health care or don’t cover it at all. I am committed to finding ways to make therapy accessible and affordable to as many people as possible.

Dignity: Seeing a therapist doesn’t mean that “something is wrong with you.” In my experience, the primary problem is a sick society, not a sick person. I pledge to work with you as an equal partner. You bring the self-knowledge that only you can bring, and I bring my training and experience as a Wisconsin-certified Advanced Practice Social Worker, as well as my own life experiences.

Education and Empowerment: Everybody should be knowledgeable about mental health–not just therapists. I see our sessions as opportunities for me to share such knowledge and resources. The better-informed you are as a consumer, the more you can advocate for your needs and achieve your goals.

As for the old name, HMM are my initials, and Hmm…therapy was a slightly whimsical effort to use them in a creative way But it really didn’t communicate what I’ve sought to offer. Therapy 4 The People better reflects my core values of accessibility, dignity and empowerment through education. I look forward to continuing to offering you the same quality services I always have.